Since 1978, Bolin has built some of the most innovative guitars in rock n roll history. A list of their satisfied customers include - Billy F. Gibbons (most, if not all, of those incredibly cool / wild guitars Billy plays on stage were built by John), Jimmy Page, Steve Miller, Dusty Hill, Lou Reed, Doc Watson, Albert King, Bo Diddley, Joe Perry, and Keef and Ronnie from the Stones.

This is a very special, very rare, 1959 LP Burst replica - only 4 were made. Featuring old growth mahogany, old growth maple, a Brazilian rosewood board, 50's bridge and tailpiece, and Seymour Duncan Custom/Hand-wound PAF humbuckers, and a Holy Grail '59 LP harness electronics made by Tom Doyle (Les Paul's right hand man for many decades). The neck profile is modeled after the Reverend Billy G's preferred neck style which is somewhere between a '59 and a '60. This incredibly resonant LP weighs in a very light 7lbs 15oz to boot! 

It's clear that John was trying to get you as close to a vintage LP as possible after looking at the specs, but where it counts is plugged in, in-hand, right? We were knocked out, plain and simple. This LP plays beautifully, is super resonant and alive, and sounds fantastic plugged in. This is simply as good as it gets with LP style guitars, period. 

Condition: Excellent. Only light signs of prior ownership are present (meaning, it's about as clean as you can hope a used guitar to be).

This gorgeous '59 inspired LP-style guitar lives up to the hype, no question. In short, it feels, sounds, and plays like a killer vintage Les Paul. You want this, trust us. Priced with hardshell case. 


  • Honduran Mahogany body/neck, solid, Vintage '59 thickness
  • Heavily figured Michigan Maple 5/8" top w/vintage '59 top carve and dish
  • Old growth dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard 
  • Gibson scale
  • Medium FW74 10% nickel silver frets
  • Italian Cellulose Nitrate inlays 
  • Neck profile is patterned off of Pearly Gates, the vintage '59 LP owned by Billy Gibbons. A vintage correct profile with a solid feel and small shoulders. 
  • Pigtail lightweight nickel plated aluminum tailpiece, nickel plated steel studs and steel bushings 
  • Thin Nitro finish, Dark Root Beer Burst 
  • Hot Hide Glue construction throughout 
  • Vintage spec long neck tenon
  • Seymour Duncan Custom Shop PAF humbuckers 
  • Doyle Coils Holy Grail '59 LP harness w/real bumblebee PIO caps 
  • DMC switch ring and jack plate
  • Vintage correct headstock with real holly overlay 
  • Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with Uncle Lou Premium Tuner Tips 
  • 7lbs 15oz, not chambered
  • Hardshell case

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