"Over the many years of our operation, we have been blessed to see our pedals appear on stage and in the studio as part of most of our heroes' rigs, such as John Scofield, Nels Cline, Bill Frisell, David Hidalgo to name a few, all while continuing to recognize and welcome the compelling craft of incoming artists." - Jannis Anastasakis, JAM Pedals founder

Jam Pedals always bring their A-game to NAMM, and this year was no exception. Seeing this Hendrix-Inspired Delay Llama Supreme, we knew we had to have it! 

The Delay Llama is a tone machine that will become an indispensable part of your sound, adding warmth and depth through organic repeats which seamlessly integrate into your playing - courtesy of its BBD chips, faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205 (this chip is found in a ton of legendary delays). It's expanded feature-set will definitely keep more adventurous players happy, but it's really easy to navigate. Read: No menus, sub-menus, presets...

The DLS features tap tempo, subdivisions, hold function, a tone knob to brighten or darken the repeats, delay time and level expression pedal inputs, and an internal trimmer for maximum amount of repeats. As if that weren't enough, you can also modulate the repeats by engaging the dedicated WaterFall Chorus circuit with depth and speed controls, or by turning on the Q filter with Q range and depth controls. That's right, Jam Pedals put their killer sounding WaterFall chorus alongside the equally great Delay Llama circuit. Very cool! 

"I am taken by the beauty of the Delay Llama Supreme pedal. It has gorgeous tones and goes further than most every other delay pedal out there! Highly recommended!" - Kurt Rosenwinkel 


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