Looking to add a Deluxe Reverb-flavored reverb to your reverb-less amp? Perhaps your reverb tank keeps breaking and you're simply tired of messing with it?

Enter the J. Rockett "Boing" Reverb. Easy to use (it's one knob!), sounds great, a pedalboard friendly size, and is very well-made. What's not to like? 

This is an excellent "always on" reverb as it doesn't overtake your basic tone. Need Dick Dale levels of 'verb? This might not be quite the ticket truth be told. It can get washy, but never gets into that level of 'verb. It's more reserved and just adds a splash of killer sounding reverb, period. 

Condition: Works perfectly. Cosmetically it does show some light wear from normal use and there are two neatly applied steps of heavy duty velcro on the back. No box included, pedal only. 

Imagine a Deluxe Reverb with the reverb set to about 4 and you'll get an idea of where this little guy is coming from. Very cool pedal that'll fix your overly dry sounding amp with a click of the foot-switch. Get on it!  


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