Gilchrist 3A Artist (1998)



TME welcomes this extremely handsome Gilchrist 3A in the shop! Steve's work is known for being the authoritative voice of modern Loar tone, but his breath doesn't end there. This Art Deco inspired mandolin is features the currently unavailable Artist appointments which include a lustrous blonde finish and bound F holes. The X bracing adds a little more depth and sustain, and perhaps a touch more low end than the parallel braced counterparts, but the amount of air this instrument pushes is easily on par with a classic F5. The only signs of wear are a few scratches on the extremely thin varnish finish. The set up is excellent and the radius fretboard is a dream to play. It is difficult to describe how a mandolin of this caliber feels in the hands, but when you pick it up and strum just one chord, you know it is something special. Priced with a Calton Case.


  • X Bracing
  • Bound F holes
  • Radius fingerboard
  • Scalloped extension

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