Gil Yaron '59 Burst Replica (2012)

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There are few builder's names that get electric guitar player's blood pumping quite like the name Gil Yaron. His reputation for building the best LP replicas is legendary. We're beyond thrilled to be able to offer one of these incredibly rare instruments.

Everything about this guitar is just right - it's simply what you want a great Les Paul to be. The weight, the finish, the shape of the neck, the jet black fingerboard, the slinky feel, and the's all here.

Played acoustically it's loud, snappy, and really alive - very resonant and rewarding to play even without an amp. Plugged in, it sounds open, punchy, very articulate and, quite frankly, incredible. The dynamic range of this guitar is pretty astounding - players who appreciate nuance in a guitar will love what this '59 Replica has to offer. It's not only the range the pickups themselves offer, it's how sensitive and responsive the guitar is that has our jaws on the floor. 

We always reference the Allman's Live at the Fillmore as "the" record for humbucker tones. This guitar nails that sound. Sweet, singing, round neck position tones that never even think of sounding muddy. The bridge pickup has a killer, almost P90-like bite. LP heaven? This just might be it.

The playing feel has to be mentioned again. There's just no fighting this guitar - it's incredibly easy to play and has a fast, slick feel. Jumping up and down the fretboard is effortless and the '59 neck carve feels fantastic in-hand.

If you're in the market for the LP to end all LP's, this might just be your guitar. Sure, you could spend 4-5x's as much on a vintage LP (if not more), but you're not going to get more guitar for your money. This is truly as good as it gets. 

Priced with hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • Reclaimed Curly Michigan Maple top
  • Old Growth South American Mahogany neck and body
  • Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard
  • Celluloid Inlays
  • Celluloid fingerboard binding 
  • Royalite body binding 
  • Holly headstock veneer
  • NOS Bumblebee caps
  • "Under the bed" mild relic
  • Extraordinarily thin nitrocellulose finish throughout 
  • Yaron humbuckers
  • 8lbs 4oz

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