Beautiful '97 Tal Farlow model just in! 

A reissue of a rare bird in the Gibson archtop catalog (only 215 were made during the peak of production in the '60s), the Tal Farlow model has quite a bit in common with the ES-350 model - a model Tal played during the '40s and '50s.

A "faux scroll" on its 17' laminated maple body (3" depth), J-200 style crest fingerboard inlays, mirror image crown headstock inlays, body mounted humbuckers, and wood insert bridge tailpiece round out some of its more distinctive features.

Condition: Playability and setup are fantastic. This is a very easy to play guitar that has a gorgeous acoustic voice in addition to an articulate yet warm amplified voice. There are a few light surface swirls but no dings or breaks. The frets look new with no wear. All electronics work as they should with no issues. 

A killer guitar at an even better price - what's not to love? Priced with hardshell case. 


  • 93167010

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