Gibson SG Special (1962)

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Derek Trucks got you looking at SG's lately? This 1962 Gibson SG Special is a great way to get into a vintage SG, especially if your goal is to dig in and play vs collect. Why, you ask? Like Derek's famous SG, this guitar has seen its share of use as evidenced by the finish checking, indentations / minor dings, pro refret (the new frets show no wear), and repaired neck heel damage. The tuners have been changed out to Grovers, a common "mod" to Gibson's of the day, and the bridge is a repro (original tuners and bridge are included in the case). 

Though this guitar has had a neck heel repair, it's incredibly stable and plays great. Plugged in, you're reminded of why so many legendary players have been SG users - loads of fat, P90 snarl and bite are on tap to coax you into your best Derek, or Townshend, impersonation (read: this guitar is a blast to play). 

You know the look, you know the sound. These guitars are legendary for a reason - don't miss this one! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • SN: 90522
  • 6lbs 7oz

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