Gibson Les Paul Special DC (1959)



The 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special DC needs no introduction. These are classic guitars that have earned their place in history along side their fancier, and far pricier, Les Paul Standard brethren. Late 50s Gibson mahogany, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, P90s, wraptail bridge, and the most perfect '59 neck carve. Come on. What more do you want? These are ultra-vibey tone machines, plain and simple. 

The setup is perfect and the tones are sublime. There's just nothing that compares to the sound of a late 50s Gibson P90 through a cranked amp - preferably (for us), an AC30, but any amp will yield fantastic results. Chimey, aggressive midrange, punchy, great's all here. 

Condition: This '59 Special DC is in excellent all-original condition with the exception of the often seen neck break/repair. The break is at the heal of the neck, not the headstock, which is not uncommon on these late 50s Specials due to the location of the neck P90 (which was eventually moved closer to the bridge). While visible, the repair is stable and has no impact on the playability or stability of the guitar - it feels exactly like it should. The frets show a touch of wear but still have a lot of life in them. 

Looking to get as close as possible to that legendary 1959 Gibson magic without taking out a second mortgage? This repaired '59 Les Paul Special might just be the ticket. A killer guitar to be sure. 


  • Weight: lbs oz
  • SN 932744

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