It's hard to argue with the iconic beauty of a goldtop Les Paul, right? The R7 (1957 Reissue for those new to Les Paul nomenclature) pays tribute to the first year the Les Paul was produced with humbuckers, obviously a culturally and musically significant event. Where would we be without a humbucker loaded Les Paul? 

Aside from the undeniably beautiful looks and cultural significance, this 2012 R7 is a great Les Paul, period. Players who favor fatter necks will love the R7 carve with its generous shoulder, and the low action/spot-on setup make for a super easy to play/slinky feel.

Tones? You know what this sounds like - the last 50+ years of rock n roll! It sounds awesome. Fat, muscular, punchy's the classic sound we're all looking for in a great Les Paul. 

Condition: Very good overall. There are light marks and indentations on the back of the guitar, a few around the edge of the top, and a few indentations on the back of the neck by the lower frets. We weren't bothered by these while playing but you can feel them - much like a great vintage guitar has these same type of marks (if the guitar is great, we don't really mind). There's some very light fret wear, definitely not something we're concerned about. 

You know it, you love it. Simply a great Les Paul that's ready for many more years of service! Priced with original hardshell case.


  • SN: 7 2952
  • 8lbs 15oz

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