Excellent condition 2014 '54 Oxblood Reissue just in!

Oxblood Les Pauls are some of our favorites both look/vibe-wise and playability/tone-wise. There's something about a wraptail bridge on a Les creates a slinky, immediate feel (given where your right hand rests) and the tones are just killer. Simplicity at it's best (it intonates just fine for those concerned about playing higher up the neck).

This is a loud, resonant guitar when played sans amp. Plugged in, you're met with classic Les Paul punch and snarl - the overdriven tones are fantastic (both neck and bridge humbuckers). The setup is really comfortable and the neck carve is perfect. It's similar to a '59 LP, but smaller. Very, very comfortable/manageable and we think most players would really love it too. Not too fat, not too skinny. 

Condition: This Oxblood LP is in excellent condition with just some minor signs of wear on the body, minor fret wear on the first few frets, and a minor finish imperfection on the headstock (side near the D string tuner). All electronics work perfectly. 8lbs 12oz.   

All the vibe of the Jeff Beck LPs without the price tag - what's not to love?! Priced with original hardshell case and certificate.



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