Gibson Les Paul 1957 Historic Reissue Murphy Aged (2000)

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This fantastic Les Paul just in on consignment...a 2000 Historic 1957 Les Paul aged by the legendary Tom Murphy. This LP is one of the good ones. 

Sitting down with this guitar for the first time, you really feel like you're playing a well kept, nicely broken-in LP. Tom Murphy's finish work / relic'ing is legendary for a reason - it's very realistic down to the subtle worn spots just south of the neck binding around the 7th and 9th frets, the buckle rash on the back, and the light finish checking in various spots on the guitar. 

The neck on this R7 feels great - the perfect amount of chunkiness (some R7's have drastically overblown carves in our opinion). The binding and fretboard edges are rounded exactly like a well-played guitar, making for a very comfortable playing experience from the word go. Other than some light fret wear on the 1-4th frets, this guitar is in excellent overall condition. 

Plugged in - wow. Fantastic. Great LP midrange punch and clarity. This guitar sounds great either overdriven or clean, something some LP's can struggle with. All in all, a great R7 Les Paul that will make one lucky LP fan very happy! Priced with original hardshell case. 9lbs 1oz. SN: 7 0691

On consignment - no trade offers please. 


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