This 1982 Blonde ES-335, just in consignment, might just be one of the cleanest we've seen. 

The early 80s 335s are highly sought after, thanks in no small part to their reputation as being some of the best 335s Gibson has made since the originals. One thing that certainly stands out on this particular example is the neck carve. It really feels like a '59 LP carve - fat, but a little flatter and than you'd expect (based on reissue LPs).

The tones are phenomenal. Smokey, warm, fat...all the things great 335s are known for. The volume pots were swapped out for push/pull pots, further expanding the tonal options (we think this is a series/parallel mod). 

Condition: Excellent, little to no fret wear, electronics work as they should w/no scratchiness. Appears to be all original with the exception of the aforementioned push/pull volume pots. 

Priced with original hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please. 


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