Widely regarded as one of the better current Gibson reissues, this Gibson Historic '63 ES-335 really nails the feel, look, and tones of the originals. With a slightly smaller neck - somewhere between a late 50s carve and the skinnier 60's carves - gorgeous top, block fretboard's easy to see why so many 335 fans love this model! 

Condition: Excellent, with only minor signs of wear - small indentation by the low E string tuner on the headstock face and a small finish scratch on the back of the neck (very minor). No breaks or fret wear. Keep in mind, it's Gibson's VOS finish which is meant to look lightly aged. 

Simply put, this is a fantastic reissue 335 that's extremely well made, looks awesome, and sounds great - can't really ask for much more! Priced with hardshell case. 



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