Gibson ES-335 12 String (1966)

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This '66 Gibson ES-335 12 String is the kind of guitar that makes us wish we had more 12 strings in the shop! We're huge 335 fans as it is, so we were immediately sold when offered a 335 12 string to consign.

This 335 12 is in excellent, all-original condition. There is some light weather checking on the top and back of the body along with some scattered, minor dings - certainly to be expected on a guitar of this age. All bindings are intact and in great shape, and the frets show no wear and still have a good amount of height left. All electronics work as they should. 

This guitar sounds gorgeous either played acoustically or into an amp. If we may be so bold, we highly recommend considering a Jam Pedals or AnalogMan compressor if you're going to pick up this guitar. While certainly not a necessity, a great compressor paired with a great 12-string is magical. It's "the" sound. Zeppelin, Byrds, etc...You're instantly there and it's very, very fun and inspiring. 

If you've been looking to add a 12 string, we think you'll love this beautiful, soulful '66 ES-335! Priced with hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • Serial Number: 430412 (Stamped 2nd)
  • 8lbs 5oz

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