We're huge fans of the ES-330 model at TME and this 1961 ES-330T reminds us why...

Before you mention that you simply have to have two pickups, let's not forget the magic of other lauded single pickup guitars - the Fender Esquire and the Les Paul Jr to name but two. The beauty of a single pickup guitar is that you get down to playing. There's no futzing around from pickup to pickup, tweaking this or that to get your sound just right. You want it twangier and brighter? Pick back by the saddles. Fatter and warmer what you're searching for? Pick closer to the neck, roll off the tone control, and you're there. Easy! An immediate connection to the instrument is formed and it's up to you, the player, to pull out what you need from the guitar. There's way more to these single pickup guitars than meets the eye. 

Condition: There's a good amount of weather checking plus a few very minor dings here and there on the body (to be expected for a guitar of this age). The neck is smooth except for a few tiny finish chips behind the 3rd fret (we didn't feel it while playing). There are binding repairs on the neck, treble side, with one small repair at the 11th fret on the bass side (we didn't feel either of these while playing). There is one touched up ding on the headstock near the high E string. The guitar looks to have had a refret at some point (there's tons of fret life left) and the tuners replaced. The setup is great and the guitar plays really well. All else appears to be original and works as it should. 

Overall, a really cool player's guitar that sounds killer and is ready for another 50 years of service! 

Priced with a hardshell case.


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