One of our favorite Gibson models, this '59 Reissue really nails the vibe, tones, and feel of the old 330's. This model tends to live in the shadows of its famous sibling, the ES-335, but players of all stripes have called on a 330 (or it's cousin, the Epiphone Casino - Beatles, Grant Green, Gary Clark Jr, etc...etc...). 

Loaded with a pair of under-wound Alnico II P-90s, this '59 Reissue can cover a wide range of tones - surprisingly so. We've long used this model in the studio and on stage, and you'd be surprised at how easily you can cop killer clean tones through to "why do I own a Les Paul" overdriven tones (no kidding). 

If you're new to this style of guitar, they feel essentially like an ES-335 in hand. Same size/footprint, so to speak - but - they're a heck of a lot lighter and the way the notes feel under your hands certainly differs (hollow-body 330 vs semi-hollow 335). Notes tend to be a lot rounder, with a quick attack - clear, open tones surrounded by a fat, compressed's a really cool tone and playing experience. Sure, being totally hollow it'll feedback if you're standing close to your amp, have the gain cranked way to high, etc...but they're very manageable. For the right player, this "on the verge" aspect is really, really appealing. You can let notes sustaIn and dip into feedback in a really controllable way. And no, P90s aren't "super noisy" - no more so than any other single coil. 

Condition: Excellent. Very light signs of prior ownership - light pick swirls on the guard, a very small scratch on the side of the body that rests on your leg (you have to really look to see it), frets are like new with the faintest of wear forming (again, you have to really look closely). The setup feels great overall. 

A great guitar overall and definitely worth consideration if you're in the market for a hollow-body of this style. We love it truth be told! Priced with hardshell case. 



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