We really love Gibson's entry level / student model guitars. They're simple, no frills instruments, but have the same gorgeous, nitro-finished woods and craftsmanship of the fancier, higher-end models.

This '69 120T is in excellent condition and the setup feels great - low action (with plenty of room left on the bridge to tweak the way you want it) and it plays cleanly up and down the fretboard. There is some subtle weather checking in the finish but no major dings (very few dings, period), breaks or repairs. There is a small amount of fret wear on the lower frets, but it's very minor given this guitar's age. The electronics work as they should.

Musical, fun, and inspiring. Give this ES-120T a spin and find out why so many players love these "student model" guitars! Priced with hardshell case.


  • 846925

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