Love ES-335's but wish the necks were a little fatter? Read on, friend....

This well maintained 2008 ES-335 is one of Gibson's 50th Anniversary 1958 models, complete with the VOS finish (Gibson's term for lightly relic'd). Unlike most relics, the VOS finish is very subtle - no weather checking, dings, etc...just a less glossy finish, aged humbucker covers,'s a cool finish to be sure.

As mentioned, the neck is quite a bit heftier than you'll find on your average ES-335. As the 1958 designation implies, it has the fatter, rounder carve typical of that era - and very similar to what you find on '58 Reissue Les Pauls.There's quite a bit of shoulder on this carve, so if chunky / round necks aren't your thing, you'd be wise to pass on this one. Our take? We love it, but we're fans of chunky neck carves.

We'd be remiss at this stage to not bring your attention to the rosewood fretboard while we're on the subject of necks. Gibson chose a very beautiful piece of rosewood for this guitar - be sure to check out the pictures closely. 

Tones? Exactly what you'd expect from a great ES-335. Anything from punchy overdriven tones to warm jazzy tones to biting bridge pickup twang are on tap. A great reminder of why this model is so revered by so many. 

Condition: Near mint save for one or two light marks near the input jack. Did it come that way from Gibson re: VOS finish? Not sure, but it's very minor and goes with the lightly aged theme perfectly. No fret wear, no buckle rash on the back. The setup feels fantastic with medium-low action. Frets are in near new condition. 

We've all heard about, and occasionally experienced, less than stellar QC on newer Gibson assured, this is one of the good ones. The build quality is very high and it simply plays and sounds great! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • CS81455
  • 8lbs 8oz

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