Fishman Rare Earth pickups have been the favorite of those who prefer a magnetic soundhole pickups for several years now. They are extremely low-profile and resist feedback that other species of pickups are prone to. They produce a warm, clear tone that can cut through any mix, and they have a bass response that simply isn't found elsewhere. In the full band (a.k.a. with loud drums) environment, where piezo undersaddle pickups can sound brittle and soundboard transducers can feedback and sound tubby, the Rare Earth really shines! We stock the Rare Earth Humbucker and the Rare Earth Blend. Here are the specs:

Rare Earth Humbucking

Rare Earth Humbucking - warm and full acoustic tones with a convenient, accessible onboard volume control wheel
• Re-voiced and fine-tuned for smoother treble response
• Cutting-edge neodymium magnets now produce a warmer more naturally acoustic tone
• Active electronics for a pure, clean sound
• Newly designed mounting system and ergonomic body shape
• Excellent string-to-string balance
• Miniature batteries (included) mount conveniently on the underside of the pickup
• Low current design allows 300 hours use between battery changes
• Fits in soundholes as small as 3-5/8" (92mm) diameter
• Pre-wired output jack can also be endpin mounted
• Easy installation with no alteration – plug-and-play right out of the box


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