Killer 1954 Fender "Wide Panel" Deluxe just in! 

An absolutely stunning sounding amp. This is the kind of amp that reminds you that amps can be every bit as much of an instrument as the guitar you're playing. Super responsive and touch sensitive, this is about as good as it gets folks! The breakup on these amps is legendary - and at reasonable volume levels. An excellent home, recording, or small gig amp. 

Condition: Fully functional w/no known issues. 3-prong power cable installed and original handle replaced (though original is included). Tubes replaced. Preamp tube sockets, pots, and jacks cleaned and re-tensionsed. 

Don't miss out on this rare piece of Fender history! 


  • Serial Number: 3115 (on chassis and tube chart)
  • Jensen P12R (stamped 220308)
  • Power Trans: 6452
  • Output Trans: 246
  • Replaced tubes

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