There's something about an old, maple-neck Strat that's aged into a gorgeous cream color that we find irresistible - case in point, this excellent condition '74 Stratocaster!

Weighing in at 7lbs 14oz, this Strat has fantastic sustain and a loud, chimey voice when with plenty of that signature Fender snap when played acoustically (you can really feel the entire guitar resonate against your chest when strumming chords).

The neck carve is slender but comfortable which is what you'd expect from a Fender from this era. It should be noted that the guitar has been re-fretted and the job was very well executed. There is no fret wear to speak of. 

Plugged in, all the glassy, clucky chime Strats are known for is here in spades. The bridge pickup has a lot of bite and the in-between positions sound fantastic. All electronics work as they should with no issues.

One of the tone knobs may be a replacement - hard to say. It could be that it just wasn't as heavily used as the other two knobs (see pics - it's the lower tone control).

A very cool Strat with tons of vintage vibe. Sure to please anyone looking to get into a vintage Strat without the price typically associated with 50s and 60s Fenders. Priced with hardshell case. 


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