Killer 1966 Vibrolux just in on consignment!

35 watts via 2x10" speakers and dual 6L6 power tubes is the basic recipe making this mid-60s Fender one of the more desirable of the decade. Vibrolux amps have the amazing ability to sound fantastic at low volume and when pushed. Unlike a Twin which also runs 6L6 tubes, a Vibrolux will break up quicker yielding killer tones at far more reasonable volume levels. 

Condition: This example is in great shape and has had a 3-prong power cable installed and most of the tubes appear to be original (the 6L6s and rectifier tube are newer Sovteks). There are light surface scratches on the faceplate (which is to be expected), one corner of which is slightly bent, and the tolex is in great shape with no major issues. 

Simply a fantastic sounding amp that's become a shop favorite! 

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • Chassis stamped: A 06546
  • Speakers stamped: C10 Q (220517 stamped on both)
  • Transformer: 606621
  • Mix of new / old tubes: Newer Sovtek 6L6 tubes + 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube

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