Always a great day when we get to spend time with a vintage Tele! This fantastic playing, sounding, and looking Tele dates back to 1971. The setup is spot on and feels great with low action and no fret wear thanks to a very well done re-fret (TME did not perform the re-fret). In our opinion, the re-fret makes this infinitely more playable than most Tele's from this era (who's frets are typically quite a bit flatter that what's installed on this guitar). 

When plugged into a Carr Mercury V, we were able to pull that classic Tele bite and twang - this T falls on the twanger side of the Tele tone spectrum - though to warm, round neck pickup tones, perfect for your Jimmy Bryant licks. The middle setting on the 3-way switch sounds fantastic. As you'd imagine, it's the perfect blend of articulation and warmth - very addictive and inspiring. 

The finish has aged to a gorgeous cream / light yellow finish which hides wear really well. There are a few very minor paint chips and the normal wear and tear for a guitar of this age, but nothing of concern or note. The back of the neck is nice and smooth and the back of the body sports a fair amount of buckle rash. 

Aside from the re-fret, the nut is a replacement and the saddles were replaced with non-threaded saddles (an improvement in our opinion). 

This is a really solid, no excuses vintage Tele that will make the next owner very happy! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • 8lbs 13oz
  • SN 367071

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