Beautiful 1958 Fender Pro in on consignment! If you haven't gotten into the 50s era Fender amps yet, you should remedy that asap. These amps are simply jaw-dropping. As much of an instrument as the guitar you're plugging in. Papery, rich, dynamic, ultra-touch sensitive...these amps push you to be a better player, to develop your technique further, to figure out what it means to get great tone from your hands. 

Just back from our tech - here's the report: It appears that the filter caps were changed at some point in the amp's 61 year life, the power tubes were replaced and biased (JJ's), any scratchy pots were cleaned, and Mic 2 input was fixed.  

The handle has broken, an unfortunate reality for amps of this era (and replacements are easy to come by), and the bottom of the cabinet doesn't have the typical amp feet, leading us to believe that panel might be a replacement. If so, it was replaced a very long time ago and matches the rest of the beautifully aged tweed covering perfectly. 

There's simply nothing like a 50s era Fender tweed amp. Don't miss out on this fantastic sounding '58 Pro! 

Please inquire about shipping before purchasing. 


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