Mustangs typically elicit, "Whoa! Cool! I had a Mustang when I was a kid and first started playing!" when folks see them in our shop. Indeed, many a player got their start on a Mustang and many an indie rock / iconoclastic player has utilized its funkier qualities. 

New to Mustangs? These short-scale guitars are perfect for players looking for something off the beaten path - i.e., it's not a Tele, Stat, or Les Paul. What they are is 100% Fender - ultra cool, beautiful design and looks, low-fi tones, classic 60s C-shaped neck carve...Think Jazzmaster-meets-Jaguar with a pinch of Strat thrown in and you'll get an idea of where these little guys are coming from.

Condition: Excellent. The finish is in great shape - definitely shows some wear, it is nearly 50 years old, but it's minor. A few indentations scattered on the body, light weather checking, but no buckle rash or excessive wear. The neck is smooth with little to no wear, frets are in great shape, and the setup is spot-on. All electronics work as they should with the 2 mini switches having a little scratchiness (don't they always?) though a few quick flicks straightens them right out. They do work, just wanted to mention they can be a little scratchy when switching positions. Otherwise, this is a great playing, no excuses Mustang! 

Given the 22 1/2" scale, it goes without saying this would make someone's kid a very cool first guitar or a seasoned player a really cool studio guitar. We've had a blast playing it, no question.


  • Priced with original hardshell case (great condition)
  • Trem bar
  • No bridge cover
  • SN 138517

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