Just in time for warmer weather, this killer 2013 '52 Custom Shop reissue Telecaster in Shell Pink! We're huge fans of Fenders classic custom colors, and really, does it get much cooler than Shell Pink? We think not. 

Noteworthy on this lively, tone-filled Tele are the lack of relic'ing - most Custom Shops you encounter in the wild have varying degrees of aging - and the fat neck. If you love chunky neck carves, the fatter the better, this is your guitar. Given the 1952 moniker, this type of neck carve is to be expected - those early 50s Tele's can be quite large. 

Though on the larger side, we found this neck to still be really comfortable as it allows you to really relax your left hand's grip. Big necks can be disorienting if you're used to playing slim carves, but most players come around pretty quickly to the virtues of larger carves. Count us in that camp. 

Beyond the lack of aging and the neck carve, this Tele serves up killer Tele twang and bite. Fender's Custom Shop makes some fantastic guitars and this is one of them, period. 

Condition: Near mint save for one or two very minor indentations on the body and some very light fret wear. The setup is spot on and feels great - a very slinky overall feel. The finish has a gorgeous grayish-pink hue, and is sinking into the grain of the body nicely. 

What else can we say? This is a fantastic playing, sounding, and looking Telecaster! Priced with original case. 


  • 7lbs 5oz
  • SN R12581

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