"Originally my work was design, modification, repair, and custom building. I guess you would say the objectives were durability, performance, and tone." - Leo Fender

We're not going to lie, we're total suckers for a Fiesta Red Strat. Maybe it's our love of Landau, Gary Moore, or Hank Marvin. Whatever it is, we're smitten.

This 2000 '56 Custom Shop Strat is a fantastic option for anyone looking to capture a bit of the mid-50s Fender magic. The classic soft-V neck carve feels spot-on to some mid-50s Strats we've had pass through the shop, and the 7 1/4" radius adds to that accuracy. While there's a bit of fret wear, the guitar sets up and plays beautifully (the good ones get played, right?).

One of the first things we noticed when taking it for a spin, aside from how "right" it feels in-hand, is how resonant and lively it is. Great Strats always make us feel like we can leave our Tele's in their cases as they do what we want a Tele to do, and then some. Part of this boils down to the differences between 50s and 60s Fenders - the 50s Strats just behave a touch more like a Tele to us (perhaps you agree?).

Plugged into a Carr Sportsman, we were greeted to all the classic Strat "cluck" and slightly compressed chime we could ever want. Classic stuff in this department - nothing hot-rodded or modern - which is no surprise given this is a '56 reissue. A 5-way switch is the only "modern" touch (vs the normal 3-way a guitar of this year would have) - a welcomed touch to 99% of players. 

Simply put? This is a great example of the Custom Shop at their best. Accurate feel, looks, tones, and overall vibe. We're sold! Priced with hardshell case, CoA, and case candy. 



  • SN R9844

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