Killer 2011 Custom Shop Nocaster just in on consignment! 

We're suckers for a great Tele and this one certainly qualifies. One of the standout things about it is the neck. Typical Nocasters can dip into almost comical territory in terms of how huge the carve is. Not so on this one. It's more inline with an early 60s carve and has the most perfect, subtle taper (slim down by the first three frets, slightly chunkier by the time you hit the twelfth fret).

Paired with large frets (becoming more and more a favorite of ours), this is an incredibly easy playing Tele that puts up just enough of a fight but is quite a bit easier to play than other T's we've encountered. A good Tele, to us, is a bit like a great Dread - they should fight you a bit, it's part of their charm - but there is a fine line between a guitar that works with you and is just plain hard to play. This one straddles that line in a very desirable way. 

Plugged in, it sounds exactly like you'd expect - muscular twang, bite, and chime. Perfect into any amp - clean, driven, Fender, Vox, simply sounds wonderful. 

Condition: Like new (it is a relic after all), very very little fret wear, electronics work as they should. Setup feels perfect with medium action. 

Simply one of tne of the cooler production Tele's we've played in a long time! Priced with hardshell case.

On consignment, no trades please.  


  • R10164
  • 7lbs 4oz

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