Epiphone Riviera (1965)

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This gorgeous 1965 Epiphone Riviera has been lovingly played and maintained over the years. Though there is a good amount of wear on the guitar, most notably the finish on the back of the neck is worn down to the wood behind the 2nd-8th frets (in the best way, it feels awesome to play on) and the back has a lot of buckle rash, there are no breaks or cracks. 

The guitar has had a pro refret and is set up great. It has the narrower nut width and the neck is has a really nice fatness to it that makes it quite comfortable. Plugged in, this Epiphone sounds incredible. The unique tailpiece and mini-humbuckers create a powerful yet articulate tone not unlike a Gibson crossed with a dash of Fender spank and chime. Yes. Please. 

As you can probably deduce, this is a player's Riviera and that's precisely what makes it so good. This is the kind of guitar that's feel and wear only comes from decades of music making. Soul, vibe, mojo...whatever you choose to call it, this guitar has it and trust us when we say you want it. Priced with hardshell case. 


  • SN 350943
  • 7lbs 7oz

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