“I love Juniors, Teles, some of the Supros and Hagstrums and definitely old Gretches!  Those elements combined to create my overall inspiration.  The main thing that I wanted to do was to figure out how to make an improved one from start to finish 100% by hand.  I want to use my hands, eyes and ears to select and build every part of every instrument.  That was the driving force in the idea behind doing this!” - Gabriel Currie

Fans of late 50s Gibson Juniors will find a lot to love about this killer, custom aged Pelham Blue Echopark El Cabillo! The power and beauty of mahogany and P90s can't be denied. Simple, to the point, musical and inspiring. With less extraneous stuff going on with the design, these guitars let you get on with playing. There's a connection that is created between musician and instrument that we find extremely appealing. 

What Gabriel Currie adds to the classic LP Jr / Special recipe with this El Cabillo is style, vibe, and a touch of modern versatility thinks to the huge sounding Arcane/Echopark Gold Coil neck pickup. This is an extremely resonant guitar that feels great in your hands the second you pick it up - chunky '59 neck carve, perfect balance, and a great, easy to play set-up. 

We couldn't get a bad sound out of this El Cabillo. Into a Fender, Marshall, or Vox style amp that mahogany/P90 magic really reveals itself (our personal favorite is a Vox). Sparkle, chime, mid-range bite are here in spades. The neck pickup adds some really fat solo tones for those players who live on the neck pickup. 

A seriously cool guitar that is definitely a rock machine - but - don't be fooled into thinking that is all this beautiful guitar can do. It's far more versatile than it might seem - the true beauty of a stripped down mahogany/P90 guitar. Priced with hardshell case.  



  • 1 pc. Equatorial mahogany body and neck (full neck tenon)
  • Pelham Blue Nitrocellulose lacquer 
  • Custom Aging 
  • Indian Rosewood fretboard
  • Medium 59 D neck carve
  • Jescar 9055 fret wire
  • Hand cut bone nut
  • '59 P90/Gold Coil Echopark/Arcane pickup
  • Pigtail bridge
  • Klusion Black Button plate tuners
  • Tortoise nitrate guard
  • Cloth wire
  • CTS 300K volume pot, 250K "no load" tone pot, SOZO .033 tone cap
  • Switchcraft 3 way
  • Custom G&G case

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