"Every day we try to make a better guitar, every day. You're trying to reach for more, trying to do better, not trying to do the same. A lot of companies are trying to do the same, and that's okay - that's their deal. We're trying to stretch that. Our goal is a little more." - Bill Collings

Looking for the perfect ES-335? Our latest Tobacco Burst I-35LC might just end your search!

Collings has really perfected the semi-hollow recipe, so to speak. For starters, the smaller body feels more comfortable to most folks, the build quality is flawless, and the tones you can coax from these guitars are off-the-charts great.

This I-35LC is really resonant, lively, and responsive played acoustically and the setup is simply flawless. Beautiful cleans, killer overdriven tones, classic biting, fat, airy semi-hollow tones are available in spades. ...there's a reason why some of the best players call upon the semi-hollow more than any other style of guitar. It really can do it all!

Again, think 335 perfected. There's really not much more to be said!

Priced with hardshell case.


  • Maple Laminate Top, Back, and Sides
  • Honduran Mahogany Neck
  • Semi-Hollow Construction with Maple Center Block
  • 24 7/8" Scale Length
  • 1 11/16" Bone nut
  • Ebony Peghead veneer
  • East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • White ABS Top/Back Binding
  • Dot Fingerboard Inlays
  • TonePros Tailpiece and Bridge
  • Lollar Imperial Humbucker Pickups 
  • Gotoh Tuners with Engraved Collings Logo
  • Deluxe Ameritage Hardshell Case
  • Serial No. I35LC17884

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