Michael Clark has built a stellar reputation in the amp world and after spending some quality time with this modified Beaufort SP - essentially a heavily modified '57 Tweed Fender Deluxe with reverb - it's easy to see why. 

Michael did all of the upgrades himself per a customer's requests, and they include his tube reverb circuit (which sounds fantastic - controls for mix, tone, and dwell allow you to dial in subtle depth to Dick Dale approved wash), a 12" Weber alnico speaker, and an improved power transformer which accommodates 6L6 tubes. 

This modified Beaufort is a higher headroom, louder, cleaner and more 60's flavored amp than a stock Beaufort would be. It sounds more like a shrunken Vibrolux than it does a late 50s Tweed (not a bad thing at all!). Small and portable, this seems like the perfect gigging amp as it could hang in a louder environment with ease, but can be tamed for smaller, quieter gigs and rehearsals. It's punchy, warm, and has a beautiful low-end response. 

Condition: Excellent. The tolex is in great shape and everything works as it should. Being a used amp, there are signs of prior ownership but nothing we'd consider an issue. Comes with a Fender footswitch to turn the reverb on or off, and an amp cover.

Fans of 60s Fenders should give this amp serious consideration - we certainly have! A current shop favorite. 

On consignment, no trades please. 



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