Killer sounding 1966 Supa Fuzz prototype replica just in - the Castledine Supa MKI Fuzz! 

The circuit has three OC75 germanium transistors and is similar to the MKI Tone Bender. The main difference is that the fuzz is fixed at maximum and the fuzz control in the Tone Bender (Attack) is replaced with a tone control (Filter). This is the reason for the fuzz control being mislabelled as "Filter" on the production Supa Fuzzes, which had the MKII Tone Bender circuit. There are only half a dozen of the Supa Fuzzes known to exist, and only one without the Marshall branding. 

Condition: Light wear on the enclosure, works as it should (and sounds fantastic). Don't go in expecting a "polite" sounding fuzz. This one is gnarly and ragged in all the right ways. Tons of fun!

*Pedal only - no box or paperwork included. 


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