North Carolina-based John Buscarino is known for the exquisite archtop and nylon string guitars he builds. He apprenticed under two mater luthiers - Augustine LoPrinzi (nylon string) and Robert Benedetto (archtop) - so he knows a thing or two about what makes an instrument exceptional. What's perhaps not as known is that John also makes a hell of a solid-body electric, as evidenced by this stunning "The Mira" HSS guitar!

As with the dual humbucker "Mira" we've played, this HSS model (humbucker, single coil, single coil) sounds incredible plugged in. The Mira reminds us a lot of a guitar Mark Knopfler could have been spotted with while fronting Dire Straits, but the tones are somewhere between an electric archtop (yes, seriously) and a Strat. The classic 5-way switch gives you a wide range of tones, anything from beefy, mid-range drenched bridge position tones (humbucker), all the way to classic Strat chime and "cluck". Of note are the Buscarino signature pickup's blend of warmth, attack, and clarity. These are phenomenal sounding pickups that are at once muscular, warm, but always clear and musical. Great dynamic range as well.  

The sustain is on these guitars is incredible. Like a great archtop, each note is perfectly balanced with the next, and there's an intoxicating, round, fat attack to each note. This guitar excels at jazzier clean playing, but isn't limited to that world and it can handle gain equally as well. 

In hand, the guitar balanced very well during our seated playing session (we have no reason to believe it wouldn't balance equally well on a strap for standing position sessions). The neck has a wide, slightly chunky feel, though ultimately comfortable and perfect for players who need to go between chord solo playing and single note leads. 

The build quality is exactly what you'd expect from a renown archtop builder - which is to say, it's exceptional, period.

Condition: Excellent with only light signs of prior ownership. The owner of this guitar has taken great care of it as you'd imagine. Legendary guitarist Steve Morse considers his Buscarino a "treasured work of art" - it seems the owner of this consigned Buscarino felt the same about this guitar. 

Just a phenomenal, unique electric guitar that should be on your list of instruments to check out! Priced with hardshell case.

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • Lightweight Swamp Ash body
  • Buscarino signature pickups
  • 5-way switch 
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Flame maple neck
  • 25 inch scale

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