"The S Custom is a great take on the Strat - with lots of surprises. Tons of mojo, vibe and killer sound." - Bill Asher

Hard to argue with Bill's assessment of his S-Custom model (see quote above). These are incredibly cool, beautifully made, tone-filled and inspiring guitars that definitely have some Strat in their DNA, but also go well beyond your vintage-minded Strat with thoughtful improvements.

With its stunning quilted maple-over-ash body & abalone center strip, rosewood surround/custom cover Lollar Imperial high wind humbuckers, and a super cool switch tip (yes, switch tip), this S-Custom creates its own unique, undeniably cool vibe that blends long-scale playability with the punch, authority, and versatility of a humbucker-equipped guitar. Add to this mix a John Mann vibrato (one of our all-time favorite tremolo systems), a 3-way switch with a split/parallel/series mini-toggle switch, and you've got an extremely versatile, highly playable guitar that would be right at home in almost any genre.

We spent quite a bit of time plugged into our trusty Victoria Vicky Verb and Jetter DTMA overdrive and walked away mightily impressed. There are tons of very useable tones in this guitar that fall somewhere between a Gibson and Fender depending on the 3-way/mini-toggle setting. The neck pickup delivered fantastic Gibson-like tones - fat and round, yet ultimately articulate with a sweet top-end. The bridge pickup is where the Fender bite and twang revealed itself, albeit fatter and beefier sounding than any Fender you're likely to encounter. The in-between setting delivered an almost FilterTron-like chime - very cool! 

Tones? As mentioned, Gibson-meets-Fender. Feel? Fender, through and through. The neck carve feels like a slender Strat with bigger frets. Mann trem? Fantastic. Easily one of our favorite tremolo designs. 

As you may have deduced by now, we love this guitar. Familiar, killer sounding, awesome playability...yet, decidedly its own, very cool, thing. We're hooked. Check, it out! Priced with G&G hardshell case.



  • Satin nitro over aged amber stain
  • Ash Body 
  • Quilted Maple top w/Abalone strip 
  • Maple slab cut 1-piece neck
  • Indian Rosewood fretboard 
  • C shaped neck
  • Lollar Imperial high wind pickups w/Indian rosewood pickup rings
  • Master volume and tone
  • John Mann vintage vibrato
  • Gotoh 6 in line tuners
  • 1 5/8" nut width 
  • 25 1/2" scale length
  • 3 way switch w/mini toggle (series, split, parallel)
  • G&G custom hard shell case
  • 10-46 strings 
  • 7lbs 11oz

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