The world of five string mandolins is small, and it is not often we come across one so finely built. Paul Lestock's G5 has a modern, sleek design, but still manages to retain much of the familiar "mandolin" aesthetic. Though the lack of double strings decreases over all volume, this instrument is still built and braced like an acoustic instrument, and has an incredibly warm, full sound unplugged. Amplified, where the instrument truly shines, it is very round and balanced, and has an acoustic "pop" that is reminiscent of a high end jazz box. Due to the longer, 14 and 15/16" scale length, this instrument has not fallen victim to the "Floppy C string" syndrome many five strings suffer from. If you have been searching for an amazing five string to tackle your bebop licks and chord melodies on, this is the perfect option. Priced with a Travelite case.


  • Scale length - 14 and 15/16" 
  • Neck width at nut - 1.311" (about 1 5/16")
  • Neck width at 12th fret - 1.562" (about 1 9/16")
  • Top - Sitka Spruce.
  • Back and sides - One Piece Big Leaf Western Maple.
  • Fingerboard and finger rest - Ebony.
  • Pickup - Custom, hand wound by Kent Armstrong

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