Remarkable Arrow G just into the shop! Paul Lestock has made quite a name for himself with instruments in the hands of amazing players like Tim Connell, Paul Glasse, and Jason Anick. While the G5's design is decidadly modern, it still has a a familiar feel and aesthetic that doesn't make it feel out of place with traditional instruments. A longer scale length not only adds sustain and oomph to the sound, but also makes complex chording slightly more forgiving. The sound is balanced and full with a slight emphasis on the mid range. Perfect for Jazz and choro but could certainly hold its own in a bluegrass jam. On consignment--no trades please. Priced with hard case. 


  • Scale length - 14 and 15/16" 
  • Neck width at nut - 1.311" (about 1 5/16")
  • Top - Sitka Spruce.
  • Maple back and sides
  • Fingerboard and finger rest - Ebony.

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