If you're a TME regular, you will surely have heard the name ThroBak. The good folks from Grand Rapids, MI supply the fantastic sounding pickups in our Collings electric guitar builds. Well, not only does ThroBak make pickups, they also make some of our favorite effects pedals. Only made sense to offer another flavor of ThroBak products to our customers! 

Up first is the Overdrive Boost. ThroBak has reproduced and improved the circuit of the original Colorsound Power Boost pedal (also known as the Colorsound Overdriver). The original was used by David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, and other pros to become an integral part of 70s signature tones. This pedal was also a favorite of Marc Bolin and is considered by many to be the best overdrive/boost ever made.

This vintage silicon transistor circuit was made popular for its ability to bring body, dimension, and tonal flexibility to a single channel tube amp. It can provide everything from a substantial and extremely transparent clean boost to all out silicon fuzz and every tonal variation in-between. The flexible and interactive bass and treble controls can add treble bite and chime to an overly bassy amp, or add a meaty low end to a thin sounding amp. This pedal is almost like its own little amp in a box that will bring amazing clean and distorted tones to any tube amp. 


  • 3 Carefully selected TO-18 metal can Silicon transistors, as used in the original circuit.
  • Externally switchable pre gain control with internal pot allowing you to dial in the best pre gain for your guitar.
  • Switchable Germanium transistor and Germanium diode pair.
  • Bias adjustment for transistors ensuring a perfectly tuned pedal.
  • Master volume & true bypass footswitch.
  • Gain, Bass and Treble adjustment.

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