Barber Electronics Gain Changer SR Overdrive

Sold out. More on the way!


"Our products are primarily unique designs, no direct copies of older circuits. Clarity, note definition, and a wide range of tones, textures, flexibility and functions are hallmarks of Barber pedals. We're committed to musician friendly pricing and do not engage in extreme boutique pricing." ~ David Barber

We've been huge fans of David Barber's pedals for years and are thrilled to welcome Barber Electronics to The Music Emporium's growing roster of pedal builders. As a testament to how good these pedals are, check out David's client list: Eric Johnson, Nils Lofgren, David Grissom, Richard Thompson, Christopher Cross, Rick Derringer, Lionle Loueke, Johnny Hiland, and Jerry Cantrell. Whew, that's a hell of a list! 

First up is the Gain Changer SR. Measuring only 2.3" wide, the new Gain Changer SR offers up a wide range of gain and EQ options. Anything from beautiful low-gain overdrive to rich, harmonic distortion (Barber's unLimiTeD distortion that is) is accessible via the first mini-toggle switch. The second mini-toggle allows you to switch between the flat sweet-EQ of the LTD SR, the vintage snarling-fat-EQ of Barber's classic LTD v2, or a new voice that combines flat EQ with a little added fatness. 

Couple this with "real, honest" solder lugs for jacks, a true-bypass footswitch, toggles and pots, and you've got a killer, reliable pedal that'll last you for years. This is one of the biggest reasons we love David's pedals - killer tones, pedalboard friendly sizes, and extremely well though-out and executed builds. What's not to love? 

Current draw: 12ma, 9-18 VDC negative tip (adaptor not included)

**Does not accept internal batteries**


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