"Our products are primarily unique designs, no direct copies of older circuits. Clarity, note definition, and a wide range of tones, textures, flexibility, and functions are hallmarks of Barber pedals. We're committed to musician friendly pricing and do not engage in extreme boutique pricing." ~ David Barber

We've been huge fans of David Barber's pedals for years and are thrilled to welcome Barber Electronics to The Music Emporium's growing roster of pedal builders. As a testament to how good these pedals are, check out David's client list: Eric Johnson, Nils Lofgren, David Grissom, Richard Thompson, Christopher Cross, Rick Derringer, Lionel Loueke, Johnny Hiland, and Jerry Cantrell. Whew, that's a hell of a list! 

The Exacta Fuzz is a vintage style fuzz that is not picky about placement in the signal chain and works well with both humbuckers and single coil pickups. There are two toggle switches that allow for two classic fuzz circuits, which include the Triangle fuzz and jumbo ToneBender sounds, along with a flattened-mids version of the Triangle fuzz sound. There's also the "Sludge-switch" which selects perfect girth for single coils, bridge or neck humbuckers. 

We had a hard time getting a bad sound out of the Exacta Fuzz. If you love fuzz pedals but don't love using them live, check out the Exacta - it really corrects the inherent issues fuzz pedal present in a live setting! 


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