Repairs and Restoration

Repairs & Resoration

The Music Emporium has a long reputation for offering quality repair and restoration services. For the present time, we are limiting our repair work to instruments purchased at our store and  instrumnets from manufacturers we represent. All other repairs will be handled on a case by caase basis.  If we cannot service your instrument, we have a list of highly-qualified area technicians to whom we'd be happy to refer.    And of course, warranty support for all of our instruments will be provided, although off-site referral may be required.  Feel free to contact us if you'd like more info or to arrange a consult with our repair staff.

PLEK services - We are pleased to currently offer the option of a PLEK setup to our customers.  PLEK is a computer controlled fret-leveling machine that can make adjustments while the instrument is strung and tuned to pitch, with accuracy that cannot be matched by hand. The PLEK process guarantees the best possible string action for each instrument, matching the individual style of the musician. Almost any guitar, electric or acoustic, can be serviced by the PLEK machine (even vintage Martins with bar frets!). We are currently accepting instruments for PLEK setups at a charge of $200.