Larson Brothers Maurer 551 (c. 1920)

Larson Brothers Guitar Maurer 551


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This Larson Bros. Maurer 551 is a real treat to have in the shop. An original Larson is not only unspeakably cool and hard to come by, but more often than not a terrific-sounding guitar. This little 551 is no exception. Basically a single-0 sized box, the 551 features a hypnotic, balanced tone that features gorgeous overtones and a bright, punchy midrage (which really sets it apart from a Martin, in terms of sound). This guitar has been played extensively and sports a couple of old, unrefined repair scars where a pickup was installed. The sound remains totally unblemished and wide open. Playing this guitar is a joy, and it feels like it can handle anything from traditional flatpicking to more modern, contemplative jazz. On consignment and priced with a modern hard case. Have a look at the beautiful old-growth Brazilian Rosewood! Priced with hard case. On consignment.

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