Kevin Kopp Advanced Jumbo Madagascar

Kevin Kopp Guitars Advanced Jumbo Madagascar


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Kevin Kopp's Advanced Jumbos have been resounding successes with us here at TME--and they usually only last a few days. This is our most recent AJ in Madagascar Rosewood (Kevin is not taking orders for Brazilian guitars right now); and it's every bit as throaty and powerful as a guitar could be. This guitar resonates as much as a 60-year-old vintage Gibson, with perhaps more focus and clarity in the voice. The bass is thick, chunky and booming, and the trebles have glass-cutting snap. A world-class guitar, with gallons of tone and mojo. Priced with hard case.

Madagascar Rosewood
Adirondack Spruce
All hide glue
1 3/4" nut width
Standard Scale 

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