Meet Your Maker: Dana Bourgeois / EVENT FULL

2012-05-08 (7:30 pm - 9:30 pm)

"Meet Your Maker" - A Hands-On Guitar Top Voicing Demonstation by Master Luthier Dana Bourgeois.


We will be closing at 5:00pm on 5/8 in preparation for this workshop.  We will reopen for reserved attendees at 7:30pm.

"Meet Your Maker" - A Hands-On Guitar Top Voicing Demonstation by Master Luthier Dana Bourgeois.

Is the wood flexible or stiff?  How does it sound when you tap it ?  Is it musical?  How quick is the response? How is the grain running?  What does it look like?  These are the some of the questions Dana will attempt to address in a hands-on demonstration where he actually voices an Adirondack Top that will eventually be used on a Bourgeois Guitar.

We here at Bourgeois Guitars have been busy building some wonderful and unique guitars for The Music Emporium in Lexington Mass. in preparation for the a "Meet Your Maker" visit by Dana Bourgeois of Bourgeois Guitars.  Dana will talk about how he picks the wood he chooses and why.  Using an unfinished Adirondack top, he will give the attendees a chance to tap and listen for themselves before and after  he carves, braces and voices the top. The top will then be made available to a lucky customer wishing to build the guitar of thier dreams.  After the clinic, folks are welcome to hang around, play some of the great Bourgeois guitars that The Music Emporium has and ask Dana and Bonni Lloyd all of the hard questions they can think of!  

Dana Bourgeois has been designing and building acoustic guitars since 1974.  He has often lectured on the subject, and has also written several influential articles on various aspects of the guitar building art, most notably about tonewoods, and about the voicing and bracing of acoustic guitars.  He now heads a small group of dedicated craftsmen and women building eight guitars a week in an old 1860's mill in Lewiston Maine.  Following a time-honored artisinal process that has them all striving daily to build the perfect guitar.   

As an interesting historical note, this has been a long-overdue return, as Dana Bourgeois was the first builder featured in The Music Emporium's "Meet Your Maker" Series in the Lexington shop way back in 1994.  We look forward to meeting seeing you there!   

May 8th
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

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